Re: transparent proxy and authentication.

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 00:48:29 +0200

Bart Bunting wrote:
> hi,
> I read in squid.conf that you can't use transparent proxying and
> authentication together.
> I'm still unclear as to why this is so, thus my question:

HTTP does not support it.

> Is it possible to setup a transparent proxy and then point it to
> a parent cache which uses authentication or will this not work
> either.

Same issue. HTTP does not support proxy-authentication in the client
unless the client is configured to use a proxy.

What you can do is to have Squid add a hardcoded username+password when
the request is forwarded by using the login= cache_peer option, but it
may not be what you want.

Henrik Nordstrom
Squid hacker
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