Re: Is it possible to implement ipchains and transparent proxy in onesystem.

From: Patricio Baptista da Luz <>
Date: Sat, 06 May 2000 11:59:31 -0300 wrote:

> Hi,
> Is anybody tried to implement the ipchains and squid 2.3 stable 1 as
> transparent proxy on one linux box. I know it is meaning less to keep both
> in one system. But I want to test it whether it works or not.
> I tried to implement the same, but I am not able to store the objects in
> my cache. Even I am not getting the logs in access.log, I checked all the
> permissions of the files and ownership. What could be the reason.
> Any help will be appreciated...
> bye
> kiran

Dear Karan,

My setup is with ipchains and squid (with squidguard redirector) all in one
linux box,
I'm using mandrake linux 7.0, kernel 2.2.14 and it works fine.
I've used it on a PII 400 and and now on a PIII 500, and no problem at all.


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