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From: Ahsan Khan <>
Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 15:13:45 +0500

The Best way is the Perl as redirector in squid is concept .

request ---> squid ----> redirector ----> squid -----> backto client

remember squid give the request to redirector after fetching the data. and
redirector process it that, So most of the work is done.

        What a redirector can do in this case is applying some filter and a
applying the filter is the most easy thing in Perl. SO better use the Perl
not C as it will cause more load on the system.

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> i am currently trying to start writing my own redirector.. for scanning
> incoming files for viruses for a medium sized organization i work for...
> i have looked at the squid FAQ and many other articals, but i do not know
> pearl at all, so am having trouble with the basics.. i wish to use c -
> because i can program in c, and it is fast... but i cannot get even a
> simple redir to work:
> url in --> url out.. not actually changing anything..
> if someone can help out with a simple c redir, that does nothing or very
> little, that i can work on, that would be great!
> thanks in advance
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