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From: <>
Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 22:42:35 +1000 (EST)

On Sun, 7 May 2000, Ahsan Khan wrote:

> The Best way is the Perl as redirector in squid is concept .
> request ---> squid ----> redirector ----> squid -----> backto client

i understand the concept of the redirector... but am having trouble with
what is passed to and what should be passed from the redirector... the
format of the input/output for the redirector...

> What a redirector can do in this case is applying some filter and a
> applying the filter is the most easy thing in Perl. SO better use the Perl
> not C as it will cause more load on the system.

i know c very well, but do not know perl at all... so would probably do
better in c... and system load is not a huge problem, as i am wanting to
do the following:

request ---> squid ----> redirector ----> squid -----> backto client

but what the redirector does is such:

get file ---> save file local ---> virus scan file local ---> re-write url
to local file if passed virus scan, else rewrite url error --> and pass
the new url on to client...

i will be scaning only .com, .exe, .zip, .tgz, .doc, and other virus
containing possibilities...

i am actually having trouble just getting the redirector to do the
following in c:

get url --> give url...
with no changes... or:
get url ---> if url = x then url = y, else url = url --> give url..

thanks if anyone can give me a c example of either/both
i dont want to start a prog. language war... just would like to do it in c
cause i know it...

Andrew Lowe
andrew @ pccentre. com . au
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