Re: squid & wingate

From: Martin Brooks <>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 12:22:52 +0100

At 15:23 16/05/00 +0700, Slamet Pramono wrote:
>In wingate, local network ip address is hided. Can squid be network
>address translation like that ?
>Thx for the attention.

Err, the answer to this is both 'yes' and 'no'.

Yes, Squid does have privacy options which can disable the disclosure of
information about the client machine to the web site being contacted. See
the squid.conf file for details.

No, Squid does not provide NAT functionality (in the true meaning of the
term). However, Linux /does/ provide a facility for IP masquerading which
is one aspect of a NAT. Squid on Linux is an excellent combination.


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