one site is sending a lot of date but nothing is getting out on the local LAN

From: David Sune Palsgaard <>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 20:52:11 +0200

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I'm administrating a network four about 400 users. the configurations
A firewall which only is running ipchaince whit masq. , squid 2.3
stable 2 and bind (DNS server) and a internal LAN whit a privet IP nr

I have a big problem ... to times whit in the to last days I have
experience that there coming a lot of data from one site to the
firewall (squid and ipchance), but nearly nothing is coming fro to
the internal LAN. the problem as I can se it is that no one is
requesting the date... On the first occurrence it was www traffic on
the other occasion it was ftp traffic. The problem is that it is
totally blocking our 512 kbit line ...
incoming traffic to the firewall is 500 - 512 kbit but outgoing to
the internal LAN is only 70 - 80 kbit

First I tried to block the site in ipchaince, but I couldn't get I to
work, then I tried to block the site in squid whit a acl rule. but
still nothing, I even made the squid stop accepting tcp on port 80
and 21.
Then I stop the squid, and then the date stop coming ... but when I
turn it on again the date start blowing in again...
I have to stop the squid processor for something like 5 hours before
wee was back to normal again ...

Can some one please help me understanding what's going on... ore give
me a solution to the problem

thanks in advance

Med venlig hilsen / Best Reg@rds
David Sune Palsgaard
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