RE: IP to User name translation

From: R.Ilker Gokhan <>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 14:29:36 +0300

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>From: Lee Edward Armstrong []
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>Subject: IP to User name translation
>Hi there,
> I curently have all the valid users in my squid.conf
>defined as IP
>addresses. I've just processesed the logs for the first time using
>calamaris and they are cool.....However they apear with a host by
>host listing of who is using their web access....curently this is an
>IP address.
>Is there anyway that i can translate these to thier user name /
>machine name....maybe from a lookup table, or within squid's config

To hostname lookup you should change log_fqdn option in the squid.conf. But
this can increase a little latency.

log_fqdn on

>or is it a case of pre-parsing the logs using perl and substituting ???
>Any ideas ???
> Lee
>BTW most people accessing are using windows95, and they log
>into novell !

Ilker G.
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