Re: Problems with memory allocation / renicing unlinkd

From: Patrik Schindler <>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 11:40:53 +0200

At 9:30 Uhr -0700 24.05.2000, David Rees wrote:

>How long does it take for squid to start using that much memory?

About a week.

>Here are the steps I would take:
>1. Try upgrading to 2.3stable3, there are other bug fixes that you should
>be running anyway.

I'll do but I don't expect a fix for this. This behaviour hurts since many versions.

>2. Restart squid as often as necessary to keep it under control. Put
>this into cron so it runs automatically. It will do so, and you will
>forget that squid has this memory issue. :-)

This is only a workaround for something I would state as a bug.

Thanks for your aid.

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