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Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 17:22:16 +0300

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>my name is phil...i am practikant at a computer service company
>over here in germany.
>i need some help in squid, we want to enable direct ftp downloads
>through squid.
>sure, it is no problem downloading files through a browser, but we
>need it for a virus tool which can only use direct ftp!

really yes but you can't download with MSIE browser just can with Netscape
may be the others can.

>so i would like to know IF direct FTP is possible through squid and
>if it is how to configure it.
>thank you...and have a nice day :)

 i had gotten the same problem in the past. i had received an answer like
the following from list but i couldn't try because of my clients are WinNT.

>squid is an http-proxy and not an ftp-proxy...

<*sigh*> Lukemftp _WORKS_WITH_SQUID_ I use it at home to fetch files
via my squid proxy when I do a package install. Accept no compromises.

>if your squid-box is gateway in your network, then either redirect your
>ftp-requests via ipchains/ipwadm or use ip-masq.

``I do not need to'' because, as I said in my original message,
lukemftp will handle going through a squid proxy. Pay attention.

Brett Lymn, Computer Systems Administrator, BAE SYSTEMS

LukemFtp was developed by Luke Newburn.

Greetings from Istanbul
Ilker G.
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