Problems with squid and ipchains

From: Coordenação dos Laboratórios <>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 11:57:34 -0300

Hello guys,

This is my first question in this list and belive me, it's a newbye
question.How to do Squid and Named run in the same machine using transparent
proxy? I'm using this command for transparent proxy:

ipchains -A input -p TCP -d 0/0 www -j REDIRECT 3128
When I configure Windows 9x and I put gateway and DNS pointing to
differentmachines all goes right. But if both pointing to the same machine
(runningSquid and Named) everything goes wrong.

Squid Version: 2.2 STABLE4
Distribution: Conectiva Linux 4.0(RedHat based)
Kernel Version: 2.2.13
Hardware: PC with PIII processorCould you help me, please?

My best regards,

Ricardo Freitas
System AdminUNIFACS
Universidade Salvador
Bahia - Brazil

P.S.: I'm subscribed for squid-users-digest list.
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