Re: Extremely Transparent Proxy

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2000 00:32:31 +0200

Diegmueller, Jason (I.T. Dept) wrote:

> So is there any "clean" way to implement an almost INVISIBLE proxy server?
> Perhaps do bridging between the "outisde" and "inside" iterfaces, but still
> have the ability to hijack requests to TCP port 80 and deliver them to
> squid?
> Has anyone done anything like this before? If so, do share. If not, think
> I'm on the right path? Does this sound feasible?

Don't know if bridging and redirection can be combined in Linux, but I
think so. I have a wague memory of some old article combining ipfwadm
redirection and bridging..

I know for sure that you can intercept packets while using proxy-ARP
routing. I played around with proxy-ARP setups during firewall/proxy
development. Worked like a charm except that it must be set up both ways
or the machine behind the proxy will have trouble finding it's way out.
Bridging is easier and I would recommend first trying out if bridging
can be combined with redirection.

> I'd just like to implement a squid proxy WITHOUT having to redesign a lot
> of things (and in the process piss of the systems team). I considered doing
> a route-map on the Cat5505's RSM but when I was playing around with that
> yesterday load went through the roof (this is an awfully busy Catalyst).

Again, proxy-ARP or bridging will avoid that ;-).

Both also have the benefit of a trivial backout plan. If there is any
trouble shut down the proxy machine and connect the servers directly to
the LAN.

Henrik Nordstrom
Squid hacker
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