Re: [SQU] high throughput?

From: Florin Andrei <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 20:00:58 -0000

>Dear friends,
> I like squid.From the benchmark results,it seems that the max peak
>throughput of squid is near 140 req/sec with x86 systems.But,in my
>application,I need a cache system which peak throughput reach 1000
>req/sec.Can I do that with squid?
>with modify the code or change the OS or change the hareware?

        Might be possible if using some real powerful hardware, like an SGI box
with many processors (SGI's are really good at throwing a lot of bytes
through any I/O channel) or maybe a multiCPU Alpha.
        But i have a better idea: just install 8...10 x86 boxes, all of them
running Squid, and put a Linux Virtual Server in front of them all. I tried
this, it works outstandingly.
        If you need more power, just add some more x86 systems. LVS will virtualize
the service.
        I suggest to use the Direct Routing implementation of the Virtual Server,
because it offers the highest performance.

Florin Andrei
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