Re: [SQU] Best OS For Using Squid

From: Florin Andrei <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 17:45:28 -0000

>From: Bubux Bubux <>
>I am studying about a firewall solution for my school.
>We want to put a Squid proxy and firewall with a Squid
>Guard software to filtre the URLs (for example non
>allow Porn, Hack and Racist adresses Web and FTP
>We want to install the best OS for an optimal use.
>Personally i would want to install SuSE 7.0 or a RED
>HAT. But i learn that Debian distribution is the best
>solution for these softwares.

        Seems like you've already chosen the OS (Linux), and now you're worried
only about the specific distribution. Remember: SuSE, Red Hat and Debian are
all the same OS: Linux. They are just different Linux distributions.
        Keeping this in mind, it is obvious that it's no big difference between
them, as long as you're concerned strictly of the technical aspects.
        What really matters, is the usability. Just put whatever you can use more
easily. If you already know one of these distributions, use it. It will be
        My own 2 cents opinion: i prefer Red Hat because i can find a lot more
software that is already compiled and can be installed directly (no
compilation required). But if your requirements are different, you can
choose another distribution.

        If you're really concerned about the OS, you can choose another free one,
like any BSD flavor (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD). At the moment (until no one
really knows what the new 2.4 Linux kernel can really do), it seems that the
*BSDs are a little bit more faster and more stable than Linux. But it's only
a slight difference, and it really doesn't matter for a proxy like yours
(again, that's my 2 cents...)

Florin Andrei
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