From: Grich Ondrej <GrichO@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 15:04:54 +0100

Hello all,

I have problems with getting up & running transparent proxy on squid. Squid
(version 2.4devel4) is installed on linux box (2.2.12) as described in
transparent proxy guide ( http://squid.nlanr.net/Doc/FAQ/FAQ-17.html ).
Redirection functionality is on separate OpenBSD box (using ipnat).

Operation in non-transparent mode is OK - I can connect from www browser to
proxy and get requested URL.
When I've disabled proxy in www browser I could not get requested page. What
I've got is message (on www client):
The requested URL could not be retreived
Unable to determine IP address from host name for" HOSTNAME
The dns server returned
        name Error: The domain name doesn't exist
So it seems that Squid could not parse HTTP request (URL part) from client.

But on Squid box I can see that request from www browser was successfully
redirected (by BSD box) - record in access.log (see bellow) AND that record
includes URL in absolute format.

excerpt from access.log:
979902831.582 2 X.X.X.X TCP_MISS/503 1190 GET
http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/ - NONE/- -
As you can see there is HTTP error - 503 in log - RFC for HTTP1.1 defines
that error as - "Service Unavailable".

On the squid box the DNS server operates OK. I can resolve domain names
correctly without delay.

Have anybody here faced faced the similar problem? What is the resolution?

thanks !


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