Re: [SQU] Has anyone managed to have 2 password files in use

From: Mark Worsdall <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 23:52:19 +0000

Hi Thanks

OK, will try this one, I have a script that extracts the usrenames and
passwds to squid.passwd so I guess I can make it create to username
files at the same time.

You rearranged my ruleset, sure it works?


In message <01cb01c08589$2fd49a90$0200a8c0@lifelesswks>, Robert Collins
<> writes
>You don't need two password lists, all you need to do is make a new proxy auth
>acl, and combine that with the access rules:
>ie squid.passwd has all the users for staff and students.
>acl students proxy_auth <list of student usernames, or a file reference for a
>list of student usernames>
>acl staff proxy_auth <as above for staff>
>http_access deny deniedsites
>http_access deny advertimages
>http_access deny porn
>http_access deny !students !staff
>http_access deny students !okTime
>http_access allow allowedsites
>http_access allow noporn
>and if you want staff only sites insert
>http_access allow staff staffonly before the allow allowedsites line.
>This config will
>force all users to authenticate
>deny access to denied sites for all users,
>only allow students during okTime

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