[SQU] Apache & Squid & maybe resolving problem?

From: <sdennis@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 13:03:39 +1100

Hello all,

     I've got a box with Slack and both Squid and Apache installed on it. It's
multihomed and the host.conf and hosts files resolve both IP's. My problem is
this, if i access apache on port 80 not via squid it works fine via either the
hostname or the FQDN. However when I turn squid on and try and access the web
server via the FQDN it says it can't resolve the IP address. I do have a ICP
parent but put in an acl for dstdomain our.domain.here to always go direct. I
echoed the FQDN to the dnsserver and it returned the internal IP but i'm using
the internal DNS server (i haven't recompiled squid, i might try that) . Do i
have to setup a BIND locally and point resolv.conf to that? i hope not.. All
suggestions appreciated.

Stephen Dennis.
QBE Insurance.

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