Re: [SQU] Perl authentication

From: Robert Collins <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 10:36:34 +1100

Yes. See

For a previous discussion.

There used to be an example perl script on the squid-cache site, but I must be going blind :-]

Quick points:

1. I've just checked the basic auth code, and I think you'll be able to get away with usernames with spaces within the squid code.
(as long as the space is not at the end of the username).
2. Squid writes the user details as "username password\n" to the authenticator. If you expect to handle usernames with spaces, your
perl authenticator will have to do some fancy checking to tell the difference between user=foo bar password=tux and user=foo
password=bar tux. If you want to have squid delimit the usernames differently, say with a ':' then it's a quick edit in
authenticate.c (for squid 2.3/2.4) in the funciton authenticateStart.


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Subject: [SQU] Perl authentication

> is it possible to set it up so that I authenticate users through a perl
> script?
> maybe
> authentication_program perl /my/perl/ /etc/passwd
> It sounds like it might work.
> Thanks,
> Devin Teske
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