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From: Robert Collins <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 11:04:54 +1100

    I've checked, and rfc 2617 does allow for spaces in the usernames and passwords :-[. I've added two bugs (81 & 82) to bugzilla
to cover the two cases (upstream auth setting in squid.conf & quoting to the local auth helpers).

As a matter of fact, squid can handle upstream usernames with spaces, just not preconfigured in squid.conf. Users Can sit also in a
database - that's the whole point of external authenticators: the databases supported today are : NCSA password files, any PAM
compliant user database, SMB accessible user directories, LDAP, Active Directory, YP. If you have a database that doesn't fit with
those external databases, feel free to craft a authenticator that does connect to one ( say postgres/MySQL...). The reason that
nearly all the authenticators either use local files or 'enterprise directories' is that many admins want to use the same user
accounts for squid that their users use for local network access.
Ie if you have a novell network, squid can use the novell usercodes for authentication.

Personally, I don't know of anything more powerful that squid, without buying 2 or three add on products.


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Subject: [SQU] Limitations

> Hello,
> I'm hitting major limitations here with squid. The fact that it can't handle
> usernames for an upstream proxy with spaces in it, that you can't set a
> fallback authentication proxy, and the fact that you can't set up you users
> in a database, is hampering my project.
> The only way I can see myself of getting over those limitations is if I knew
> how to program in C++ and reprogram parts of squid and/or helper
> applications.
> So, is there anything more powerful than squid (one preferrably that has
> those features)? I need something! ((Delagate? Proxy Soft?))
> Thank you in advance,
> Devin Teske
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