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From: Devin Teske <>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 16:30:57 -0800

I realize that I might be asking too much but this is the whole enchilada,
of what I need to be able to do (what I am trying to set up)...

What things look like...

Computer A
     Mandrake Linux 7.0 (Air)
     No direct internet access
Computer B
     Windows NT
     CSM Proxy Server [Enterprise]
     Direct Internet Access

Computer B allows people to use it within the WAN as a proxy server to get
out to the internet (given that you have a password within it's giant

How things should work...

User launches browser
Browser is configured to look at as a proxy server (running
Browser sends request to squid
Squid responds with HTTP Proxy Authentication Required
Browser asks user for password
User enters username and password and clicks ok
Squid sends headers to perl script
Perl scipt checks dbm file for user name
     if user exists in dbm file then it checks another dbm file to see if
the url requested is valid for the current user.
     if user is not in dbm file and user is not null perl script then it
forwards the header to (csm proxy server) and returns the response
to the user.
User sees response from the perl script.

The users that are stored on are the teachers and administrators
(which I don't have access to, that is why I need to setup a way to
authenticate those users without being on that computer or having access to
it's internals, ie it's user database). The users that are stored on are the students and they have filtered access (while the
teachers/admins have pretty much non restricted access). This is what I am
dealing with.

Teachers will be adding links (website urls) to a database for their
students. And their students will only be able to access those links that
the teachers added.

I have been trying to implement this idea for almost a year. We are on our
4th architecture.

I hope this helps you understand this some more.
I truly do think that squid is our savior. But I am having my qualms.

Thank you very much for helping me with my previous questions. You are a
great help. Once again, thank you,
Devin Teske
(909) 392-8429
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