RE: [SQU] hit percentage

From: Yuri Sytema <>
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 09:50:46 +0100

Hi Marc,

All the webtrafic here is being logged, the access.log is filtered and then
imported into a mysql database.
We're using a citrix environment over here, there is no chance users that
download anything will be able to take it home.
I'm using the delaypools to restrict large downloads to something like 12
we only have a 512 kbps line, total webtraffic is limited to 256 kbps
So if we in the IT department want to download large stuff, we don't use the
proxy :)

Only traffic we have is webtraffic :)
Yesterday I deleted the cache and rebuilt it (cache died anyway)
cache rate is now at 21%.
I'd like to increase the cache-size but I have limited diskspace.
btw we only produce about 3 gb of data every month. :)

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At 01:14 PM 3/7/01 +0100, Yuri Sytema wrote:
>Till last week, 25-30% of all traffic was cached by squid, suddenly it
>dropped to 15%.
>Is there any way to clear the cache?

That is not the way. You might want to investigate why the hit rate
dropped. Your cache is not so big so a few large downloads that are not
repeated by other users can change your hit rate. I use 12G of cache and I
see variations in hit rate of 10-20% (on average it hovers around 50%) You
should investigate what files are downloaded, how big they are and if there
was actually any chance for these files to be in the cache at all. As I
said a single user downloading 200M of files (A Red Hat distribution for
example) can screw up the hit rate of a 500M cache easily.

If you really want to 'squid -z' will do but I think that is the wrong


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