From: M. Yu <myu@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 20:23:39 +0800

Can anyone suggest what options/parameters I need to look at if Squid is
serving pages to clients at a very slow pace? A fairly static site (e.g.
www.bicsi.org) comes up slow when viewed on another machine. The page is
supposed to already be in the cache but it takes about 5 seconds to load.
There has to be a way to make these pages load up faster (instantaneously).
Each computer is already on a 64Kbps link (QoS'ed cable modem) so I don't
think connection is the problem. My cachemgr reports that my HTTP requests
per minute is 319 (5 per second).

I'm using the Squid 2.3.STABLE1 rpm (the one that came with RH6.2) on Linux.
I'm about to upgrade it next week.

Can anyone also suggest a way of "stuffing" sites into Squid's cache? Our
T1 link is basically unused from 3am to 6am which I can utilize to
pre-"stuff" sites into Squid. I am already considering using a cronjob of
wget but the problem is how do I put the pages into the cachedirs?

Oh yea, Marc (Van Selm), remember my problem where Squid wasn't using any of
my cachedirs? I simply removed the "refresh" tags you gave and reverted to
using the default refresh and I also removed the reload_into_ims tag. A
mere second after I restarted Squid, my cachedir usage (as reported by
df -h) jumped from 0% to 1%. I don't understand why those didn't work for
me when it worked with your cache. But anyway, my 5min request hit ratio is
now up to 40.3% and my 60min is up to 38.2%.


M. Yu

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