Re: [squid-users] More WCCP woes

From: Sixx Lim <>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 14:39:28 +0800

IMHO, i think the main issue here would be why doesn't squid "talk" WCCP to
the router, be it you
are using GRE or not.

At 18:31 01/03/13 -0600, you wrote:
>Try using the ip_wccp seems easier to make it work in most
>cases (though I've never had a problem getting the patched GRE module to
>work either--you did patch your ip_gre module, didn't you?).
>I've converted it into a kernel patch that applies cleanly to 2.2.18, and
>can be configured at compile time as a module. Then it's just a modprobe
>away from working. No messing about with creating a gre interface.
>The patch is here:
>It's the last link on the page.
>Also, you asked how the router knows about the isn't a
>broadcast protocol, the Squid announces itself to the router (because
>you've configured the router in the wccp_router directive) with a
>"HERE_I_AM" packet, which the router responds to with a "I_SEE_YOU"
>packet. The GRE encapsulation is then used to send the packets to the
>Squid box, which then get decapsulated by the OS.
>Hope this helps.
>Curtis E. Hays II wrote:
>>Apparently I'm not trying enough to get wccp working.... any help would be
>>appreciated.. here are my current non-working configs...
>>Cisco router config:
>>ip subnet-zero
>>ip wccp version 1
>>ip wccp web-cache
>>interface FastEthernet0/0
>> ip address
>> ip broadcast-address
>> ip wccp web-cache redirect out
>> duplex auto
>> speed auto
>>(relevant parts)
>>running ios: IOS (tm) 3600 Software (C3640-I-M), Version 12.1(1)T,
>>SOFTWARE (fc1)
>>I've compiled my Linux kernel ver 2.2.18 with the ip_wccp.c patch... I'm
>>running squid 2.4PRESTABLE2 in http accel mode... I've got a windows box
>>with a default gw of the cisco router and the squid on the same segment.
>>The cisco config doesn't show any way to communicate with the squid i.e.
>>don't configure an IP??? is it a broadcast protocol that they are
>>to see each other? The cisco doesn't show it:
>>wccp-rtr#sh ip wccp
>>Global WCCP information:
>> Router information:
>> Router Identifier:
>> Protocol Version: 1.0
>> Service Identifier: web-cache
>> Number of Cache Engines: 0
>> Number of routers: 1
>> Total Packets Redirected: 0
>> Redirect access-list: -none-
>> Total Packets Denied Redirect: 0
>> Total Packets Unassigned: 0
>> Group access-list: -none-
>> Total Messages Denied to Group: 0
>> Total Authentication failures: 0
>>I've got IPCHAINS configured on the linux box to redirect port 80
>>traffic to
>>port 3128, but it doesn't look like the cisco even sees the wccp enabled
>>linux box/squid....
>>I didn't get the mention of configuring a GRE tunnel on the Linux box,
>>so I
>>configured a GRE tunnel up... no ip or anything... just up... then with
>>IP on the same network. using :
>> iptunnel add gre1 mode gre remote <Router-IP> local <Host-IP>
>> ifconfig gre1 up
>> still didn't see anything on the cisco when doing 'sh ip wccp'
>>so I tried building the other end of the gre tunnel on the cisco with :
>>interface Tunnel0
>> ip address
>> ip broadcast-address
>> tunnel source FastEthernet0/0
>> tunnel destination
>>nothing working yet :(
>>so I tried this:
>>interface Tunnel0
>> ip address
>> ip broadcast-address
>> tunnel source FastEthernet0/0
>> tunnel mode ipip decapsulate-any
>>Still no cache engine showing up with 'sh ip wccp' on the router.
>>ANY help would be appreciated... I've been goveling over the mailing
>>archives and can't seem to find the question or answer previously
>>Curtis Hays
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