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From: Hamid Hashemi Golpayegani <>
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 01:19:51 +0330

Patrice ,

2 Megabit is not enough bandwidth to overload your machine for these clients
. But finally if you upgrade your clients and users it will be over loaded
.So you must think about other cache machine that can help this machine and
you can have load balancing for these cache machine through .pac scripting
for auto detect proxy . I think that you can do load balancing through other
ways like DNS diffrent IP addresses and ipmasqadm and port forwarding :)
So everyone knows that Micro$oft is a chiken for these kind of caching ;)

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Hi, i'm affraid you're wrong on my problem, it's not 500 users it's more
5000 (i know it exactly now, it's over 27000 users) , my bandwith is 2Mb/s
with the cache of my provider) my proxy is behind a firewall, with 100Mb/s
I had to know exactly what i can do with squid, we'll try a cacheflow 5000
week, so i want to have details on the capacity of my squid, is this server
enough ? do i have to create a cache farm of squids to support more than
users ? I actually know that my lease line is not enough to support all
but if i have enough bandwith, can my squid server support all the requests
Patrice Valentin
ps : i don't know that micro$oft have made a proxy server, so please don't
me with this ;-)
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