[squid-users] smb_auth + ncsa_auth together

From: Richard Greaney <greaneyr@dont-contact.us>
Date: 21 Mar 2001 17:54:59 NZST

Hi all
I am currently trying to set up a proxy server which uses squid and works in
the following way:

A user is looked up against the NT server with smb_auth. If this accepts their
access, then they are granted permission to use the internet.

However, if the user is NOT able to access the proxyauth file (due to
permissions) I would like them to THEN be given the standard ncsa_auth
username/password box. Why? Because if the user is not a member of a group who
is able to use the internet, BUT someone with the authority (and who also knows
the password) is around, they can type this in without having to log off and
log in themselves.

My line of work is such that all authentication needs to be done at user level
and virtually none at machine level.

As far as I know, smb_auth works on a "grant/deny" basis, and does not prompt
for a password if it fails.

My question is, is there a way to use these two authentication modules
together? I would like to have the knowledge of C/C++ to merge the source code
together so they become one module, but this is not a skill of mine.

Any help (or directions to places I may find help) is greatly appreciated

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