Re: [squid-users] smb_auth + ncsa_auth together

From: Robert Collins <>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 17:51:21 +1100

Have you tried this? or are you just guessing as to the behaviour?

smb_auth and ncsa_auth use the same client side protocol - they both pop
up the "ncsa_auth username/password" box.

You may _mean_ NTLM. NTLM is a very different thing. And NTLM _will_
behave the way you want _by default_.


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Subject: [squid-users] smb_auth + ncsa_auth together

> Hi all
> I am currently trying to set up a proxy server which uses squid and
works in
> the following way:
> A user is looked up against the NT server with smb_auth. If this
accepts their
> access, then they are granted permission to use the internet.
> However, if the user is NOT able to access the proxyauth file (due to
> permissions) I would like them to THEN be given the standard ncsa_auth
> username/password box. Why? Because if the user is not a member of a
group who
> is able to use the internet, BUT someone with the authority (and who
also knows
> the password) is around, they can type this in without having to log
off and
> log in themselves.
> My line of work is such that all authentication needs to be done at
user level
> and virtually none at machine level.
> As far as I know, smb_auth works on a "grant/deny" basis, and does not
> for a password if it fails.
> My question is, is there a way to use these two authentication modules
> together? I would like to have the knowledge of C/C++ to merge the
source code
> together so they become one module, but this is not a skill of mine.
> Any help (or directions to places I may find help) is greatly
> Regards
> Richard
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