[squid-users] Cachemgr

From: Isak Badenhorst <isakb@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 20:44:47 +0200

Where do I go wrong???

I did configure cache manager as described in the Frequently asked
questions. The problem I have is that I get no drop down list and the
output I get is as follows:

Cache Manager menu for localhost:
* Callback Data Registry Contents
* Memory Utilization
* Event Queue
o Current Squid Configuration (hidden).
o comm_incoming() stats
o IP Cache Stats and Contents
o FQDN Cache Stats and Contents
o Internal DNS Statistics
o HTTP Header Statistics
o This Cachemanager Menu
o Shut Down the Squid Process (hidden).
o Toggle offline_mode setting (hidden).
o General Runtime Information
o Process Filedescriptor Allocation
o All Cache Objects
o In-Memory and In-Transit Objects
o Objects with Swapout files open
o Server-side network read() size histograms
o Traffic and Resource Counters
o Peer Selection Algorithms
o Cache Digest and ICP blob
o 5 Minute Average of Counters
o 60 Minute Average of Counters
o Cache Utilization
o Full Histogram Counts
o Client-side Active Requests
o Store Directory Stats
o storeCheckCachable() Stats
o Persistent Connection Utilization Histograms
o Refresh Algorithm Statistics
o Request Forwarding Statistics
o Cache Client List
o AS Number Database
o Peer Cache Statistics
o List of Unknown sites sending ICP messages

Previously I was able to refresh a url and also had a drop down list.

I am using squid-2.3Stable4


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