Re: [squid-users] Hi, Im new here ...

From: Adam Lang <>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 16:47:03 -0500

Also forgot to mention, SQUID is only a proxy for webpages. If you want to
share things like ftp, instant messenger, internet games, mail, etc you
need to setup your linux box to do routing and NAT. That is a whole
separate issue.

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> Hi,
> my name is Michael and Im from Germany (that means sorry for my bad
> english). Im also new to Linux and Squid. Somebody said that, squid is
> the tool to make an internetconnection useable for all clients in the
> lokal network.
> I use the SuSE Linux 7.1 Profesionell distribution with the 2.4 kernel
> and the latest Squid Version. (Dont ask me what number).
> My problem is now:
> My two brothers and my parents (we live in the same house) are connected
> to my network and we all want to use my flatrate internet connection. I
> installed squid and started it the first time with the -z option.
> But now my lokal dealer in the hardware store told me that, I got to set
> up a lot of things in a file called "squid.conf" to make squid working
> all right. I looked in that file and got big time confused with all that
> options.
> Is there somebody out there who can tell (or write) me the easy way to
> connect two linux and 4 windows-machines to one internetconnection by
> using squid???
> Or does somebody know a way where I can download a full set of manuals
> about installing and setting up the squid proxy server ???
> Thanks in advance
> Michael
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