[squid-users] Re: transparent proxy with transparent gateway (hrm)

From: Terry Davis <tdavis@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2002 14:09:41 -0600

This would work in my situation. I don't like the idea of changing the
IP address on my firewall but what's the difference ?

The bridge idea is cooler but MUCH more complicated.

Reischl, Brian wrote:

> Maybe I'm completely misunderstanding what you're trying to do here, but
> it seems to me you could set up a Linux box as a transparent
> proxy/router. Have it configured to proxy all port 80 and forward
> everything else to the gateway. Then move your gw to a IP new address,
> and have the proxy/fw take over the gateway's old IP address. Thus
> clients keep sending everything to the same IP thinking it's the
> gateway. Only now your proxy is sitting at that IP, proxying HTTP and
> silently forwarding everything else to the real gateway. All the
> ethernet level stuff should sort itself out after everyone's ARP cache
> expires in 5 or 10 minutes, and the clients should never know the
> difference. Or am I missing something here?
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> Subject: transparent proxy with transparent gateway (hrm)
> This is a good one and perhaps I need to be slapped around a bit for
> even suggesting it.
> I want to set up transparent proxying. I do not want to change the
> default gw on my clients. Is there a way that I can set up an ethernet
> bridge that 'listens' for port 80 connections and mangles those packets
> so the destination address is the proxy server? I think I know the
> answer to this but it's worth a shot.
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