[squid-users] Same problem squid generates more req Please help

From: Jack <sa_jill@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 17:30:02 +0530

Hello Joe and All,
How to disable quick_abort
In squid.conf it ask to give -1 KB

But i think it is not working because

The incomming req in eth0 shows less transaction compare to outgoing
interface eth1.

My uplink connection is slow so i feel this quick_abort may be the problem
to have more transaction in eth1 than eth0(i guess)
When i pink to yahoo.com it shows 5 secs
if i bypass squid it shows 1-1.5 secs

I stoped client_persistent_connections and server_persistent_connections
off(the problem continous)

If there may be any other problem please guide me
Is there anythink to disable in OS

I am running squid-2.4STABLE1 as transparent proxy in redhat-7.1kernel-
I am using iptables for redirecting

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