Re: [squid-users] Annoying Problems with Squid 2.4 STABLE3

From: Squid Support (Henrik Nordstrom) <>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 14:27:37 +0100

An "ngrep" of the page load should tell quite easily..

Example of use:

  tcpdump -w /path/to/spool/file -s 1600 host ip.of.test.client
  [wait for problem to be seen]

  tcpdump -r /path/to/spool/file -n 'tcp[13] & 63 = 2' | \
     awk '{print $1, $2}'
  [gives you a list of all TCP sessions in the dump. The port number
is the last value on each line]

  ngrep -I /path/to/spool/file port 32485
  [dumps the content of session with port 32485]

Repeat the ngrep until you have found the correct TCP session for the
page contents, then analyze the content of the session to see if it
contains the offending characters, or if these are invented by the


On Wednesday 20 February 2002 13:02, Robert Collins wrote:
> I've seen the E/U E combined with square boxes with IE from time to
> time, but they've always disappeared when the page finishes
> loading. I'd guess that the page isn't loading /finishing loading
> correctly in this case.
> Rob

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