Re: [squid-users] transparent proxy

From: Simon White <>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 08:27:36 +0000

On 21-Feb-02 at 14:26, jayabaya's inspired musing was thus :
> know i have new problem.
> my squid will act as a trans proxy when i put random number as a url, and
> squid said "wong ip number".
> but if i put random alphabet character, it will send to

This is IE behaviour. I don't use it for this very reason.
should rot in hell. Hardly gives you useful debugging information and when you
have a client on the phone it means you have to jump through hoops to find out
why their connection isn't working properly.

IE, faced with a "No DNS response" will send you to This
is so that if you make a typing mistake, it can possibly suggest alternative
sites. It is rarely useful.

Squid is, in fact, responding to you when you type a web address, but then IE
is redirecting you fast-as-lightning to MSN. If you type an IP address with
no response, it doesn't redirect because it has no text to search for to
suggest alternatives, just an IP.

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