Re: [squid-users] Are "this be aioCancel" log messages anything to worry about?

From: Squid Support (Henrik Nordstrom) <>
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 02:46:59 +0100

It is just a minor debug message that accidently was left at a too
high debug level.

The reason why you are now receiving these is most likely a slight
change in the workload your Squid receives, now triggering the
aioCancel action. This is when Squid aborts a disk I/O operation,
most likely because the client is no longer there (aborted the

In src/fs/aufs/async_io.c, just change the debug(0,0) on line 173 to
debug(32, 2) and you will get rid of the message, or upgrade to


On Saturday 23 February 2002 00:55, Web server manager wrote:
> I've just switched some of our cache systems to 2.4.STABLE4 (were
> on STABLE2 plus a couple of patches), and am seeing a fair number
> (every few minutes, sometimes several almost at the same time) of
> messages "this be aioCancel" in cache.log. I don't recall seeing
> this before, even though on checking the source code I find it
> *was* in STABLE2 so it's not just a newly-added message.

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