Re: [squid-users] UP grade

From: Squid Support (Henrik Nordstrom) <>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 09:22:17 +0100

On Monday 25 February 2002 13:49, Marc Elsen wrote:

> You will not loose the cache, in any way.
> Provided , you do not change related parameters such
> as the location and the size of the cache.

You can change the size if you like...

> Now I myself found upgrading SQUID sometimes cumbersome
> because of slight changes in to squid.conf which were sometime
> made. And sometimes it was important to followup on them.
> Yet I presume that , in the context of the small changes
> to 2.4.S4 (security,mem leaks...) that there will be no new
> squid.conf.default.
> I presume.

Correct. We try not to make any configuration changes during a STABLE
release, only bugfixes.

Upgrading from one release to another (i.e. Squid-2.3 to Squid-2.4)
will most often require updates to your configuration file to match
the new version, but if possible we try to keep the directives
compatible with old versions, but sometimes when a feature has been
redone this is not possible.

Henrik Nordström

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