Re: [squid-users] can SQUID co-exist with Microsoft ISA in a cache hierarchy?

From: Simon White <>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 16:52:19 +0000

On 26-Feb-02 at 15:51, Peter Simpson's inspired musing was thus :
> Hello everyone.
> Could anybody tell if SQUID can co-exist with Micosoft ISA in a cache
> hierarchy. I have the situation whereby ISA sits (and caches!) in front of
> some web servers in a data centre and local caches are required in some 100+
> distributed offices. Do I have to deploy ISA in the distributed offices or
> do I have a choice ?! If they can co-exist how does it work ? if not,
> please could you explain why ?

Squid works in front of most proxies, I have got it working with Microsoft
Proxy and with ISA there should be no problem either. Just set the ISA server
as a cache peer (parent)

For the syntax it's well explained in squid.conf.

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