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From: PASCUAL, Mike A. <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 13:36:31 +0800

try to create a file download.txt

acl denied urlpath_regex "/path/to/download.txt"
http_access deny denied


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Not sure about question 2 but this is how I blocked EXE files, you could
modify this to do what you want:

acl EXE urlpath_regex \.[eE][xX][eE]
http_access deny EXE

Would be interested in how to give a "list" of extensions though.

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>>> cable linux <> 17/06/2003 12:44:10 pm >>>

Q1. I want to block *.pdf files from my squid.

Q2. ok fine if that above acl works than how can i
block more than one files (*.ps, *.pdf, *.doc,
*.swf)unlimited with one command.


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