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Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 08:53:39 +1030

I'm no expert on ACLs either. we have two people here who want clean
internet access when everyone else is behind squid and no way out. we
simply gave them a NAT address by using the MAC address option in our DHCP
server. they get a DNS server, and a NATable address...

obviously not a squid ACL but it works for us.

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Hello All. I have a vexing ACL list problem I can't figure out. I
posted it but got no response. I'm not above paying to solve this
problem, so I called two companies (Wilson and eGenius) listed on the
Squid website for support. Neither company has even bothered to return
my call.

I have a problem allowing one PC on my network to bypass the proxy. I
have actually attempted it, a number of times, but still have not got it
to work.

Before I call Linuxcare and see if they can assist, is there anyone on
the list who would have an hour or two to spare for some paid support on
ACL issues with Squid.

Thanks for the bandwidth

Chris Curtis
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