RE: [squid-users] WPAD and Squid

From: Damian-Grint Philip <>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 17:55:22 -0000

I trundled through a number of problems before I could get WPAD working in
all instances:

1. Some autoproxy functions may be broken in certain implementations of
Win2k - I think it's something to do with winhttp.dll, I found problems with
SP3 and with .NET Framework, particularly with functions like MyIPAddress().
I ended up writing wpad.dat as an ASP page which captured (e.g.) client's IP
and just generated scripts with the PROXY lines and no other functions. (of
course, I then had to use application extension mapping to encourage IIS to
execute the wpad.dat file as ASP)

2. Have you tried switching off proxy caching on the client?

3. Have you associated extension .dat with the
application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig mime type?

4. Are you using host headers? Have you set wpad host header name under the
default web site?

5. With Ethereal I found some IE6 clients putting the IP address in the wpad
request and not a hostname of wpad as I had expected - I then added the IP
address as a host header name to catch those instances.

6. Does the script work on its own as in an explicit reference to

Phil DG

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> Is the DNS suffix set correctly on the client machines?
> Try "ping wpad", if that doesn't work try "ping".
> If that works your DNS suffix is not properly set.

yes, that works fine.
at first i thought it might be because wpad was set to a CNAME, where some
of the documentation mentions that it should be an A record, so i changed it
to an A record and that hasn't made any difference.

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