Re: [squid-users] squid behind ziproxy ?

From: Michael Gale <>
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 10:58:20 -0600


        I guess I should of also asked if ziproxy could exist between the squid
cache #1 system and squid cache #2 system.

I initially ruled this out ... I figured that when the squid servers
talk to one another that it would not be HTTP. But I guess it could be ?

Anyways, any insight will be helpful.


Michael Gale wrote:
> Hey,
> We are currently using ziproxy ( in
> a transparent setup to compress (Gzip) the data between the requesting
> client and the end server. We also scale down requested images to
> conserve bandwidth.
> Now we would like to implement a squid proxy to make use of it's cache.
> We are looking at a setup like the following:
> Old setup:
> Internet <--> ziproxy in transparent mode <--> slow link <--> client
> New setup:
> Internet <--> squid cache #1 <--> slow link <--> squid cache #2 <--> client
> Squid cache #1 and squid cache #2 will have some form of cache hierarch
> setup between them. So if we want to continue to use the ziproxy
> software we will lose the Gzip compression benefits but will retain the
> image scaling.
> My question is, will having squid go through ziproxy have any affects on
> the cache use ? Because the image(gif,jpeg,tif,..) on the server will
> never match the copy received by squid cache #1. Since it would be
> scaled / altered on it's way down ?
> Thanks

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