Re: [squid-users] ICP queries for 'dynamic' urls?

From: Chris Robertson <>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 16:47:59 -0900

Gregori Parker wrote:
> I understand all that and am not using or questioning the default
> config.

Right. Sorry 'bout that, then.

> My config lacks definition for hierarchy_stoplist completely,
> which means it's defined as internal default (which should be nada).
> What I'm asking is: are my inter-cache/sibling/ICP/HTCP queries
> including full URI's or is it stripping at the '?' (i.e. s/?.*//) ?

Full URL including query, no headers (Cache-Control, Vary, etc.) no
request method information (GET is assumed).

More info than you probably want is available from

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