Re: [squid-users] tcp_outgoing_tos 0x02 not working

From: Evelio Vila <>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 10:50:22 -0500

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>>Subject: Re: [squid-users] tcp_outgoing_tos 0x02 not working
>>Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 23:01:57 -0200

>>On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 01:12:23PM -0500, Evelio Vila wrote:
>> Hi everyone!
>> I have a 2.6 stable squid and
>> something like this in my conf file..
>> tcp_outgoing_tos 0x02 !top_users
>> however the 0x02 mark doesn't seem to work. I've
>> tried with others and they do work....
>> This post has the following issue ....
>> any suggestions..
>> thanks in advance,
>> evelio

>Using tcp_outgoing_tos with proxy_auth ACLs only works if the ACL is
>used in http_access first. In other words, the ACL must match in
>http_access to work in tcp_outgoing_tos.

How come then my other acls work without being used in http_access..
this is what i have..

acl top_users proxy_auth "/etc/squid/qos/top_users"
acl top_url url_regex "/etc/squid/qos/top_url"
acl bad_url url_regex "/etc/squid/qos/bad_url"

tcp_outgoing_tos 0x10 top_users
tcp_outgoing_tos 0x04 bad_url
tcp_outgoing_tos 0x08 !top_users

above everything works fine!

however if I use something like:

tcp_outgoing_tos 0x02 !top_users

the packet doesn't get marked....

>tcp_outgoing_tos doesn't support external lookup, so the user
>information must be cached.
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