Re: [squid-users] Can I Force Connections To All or Some Sites To Traverse using HTTP 1.1?

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 16:08:32 +1300

Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
> On 26.11.08 10:57, wrote:
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>> I have a proxy-to-proxy setup (without ICP) and it is working wonderfully
>> with the exception of cases whereby IE users attempt to connect to a
>> remote Citrix server. The odd thing is that the errors encountered do not
>> seem to happen at all when users use Firefox.
>> When IE initiates traffic to the Citrix site, it uses HTTP 1.0, somewhere
>> along the way, the Citrix site (or other Proxy, which I have no control
>> nor ability to see into) returns HTTP 1.1 traffic. At this point, the 1.1
>> trafic arrives back to my proxy, converting it back to the original HTTP
>> 1.0 format before it passes the traffic back to IE user.
> Server must not return HTTP/1.1 traffic for HTTP/1.0 request. If it does,
> it's broken.
>> So it appears that my Squid proxy tries to convert to HTTP 1.0, but only
>> for IE sessions as Firefox users never have these issues, also Firefox
>> uses 1.1 anyhow, thus not requiring any conversions.
>> Any thoughts? Is there any way to force or preserve the HTTP protocol
>> version to 1.1 on all connections, or preferably on a destination basis?
> Squid is not HTTP/1.1 server, it's only HTTP/1.0. So, it does not convert
> HTTP/1.1 requests.

Squid has many hacks to cope with broken servers, HTTP/1.1 responders

This appears to be a bug in IE with it not including such hacks to cope
with 1.1 response to its 1.0 mode requests.


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