Re: [squid-users] Kerberos authentication & pre-caching in Squid for Windows

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Sat, 08 Aug 2009 00:13:15 +1200

Guido Serassio wrote:
> Hi,
> At 11.30 07/08/2009, Holly King wrote:
>> Hello, I'm trying to set up a pilot to replace proprietary caches in
>> schools. Because of training issues with on-site technicians I'm kinda
>> stuck with using Windows but would like to use Squid.
>> Stumbling
>> block 1 - I've not been able to find any documentation on Kerberos
>> authentication by Squid for Windows (just on *nix), can anyone point me
>> in the right direction? Ideally I would want to be able to
>> authenticate on a group level so site technicians just move accounts
>> into/out of a group to allow or deny access. Also, is there a way to
>> add whitelists regardless so pupils can be banned from the internet yet
>> still access resources needed for lessons?
> A Windows native Negotiate (Kerberos) helper is included in official
> Squid sources starting from Squid 2.6 STABLE 1.
> Just download the latest 2.7 binaries for Windows
> ( and configure
> squid to use the mswin_negotiate_auth.exe helper for negotiate auth
> schema, no options are required, it works just out of the box.
> Regards
> Guido

In a school situation you will also find the collapsed_forwarding
features of Squid very useful. It can reduce/collapse a full classroom
worth of duplicate requests for the same lesson website, down to a set
of single requests to fetch the page once.

It might even be a better replacement for the overnight pre-caching you
asked about. Which by the way requires some scripting and external tools
such as wget or squidclient to spider the websites and fetch things.


Please be using
   Current Stable Squid 2.7.STABLE6 or 3.0.STABLE18
   Current Beta Squid
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