Re: [squid-users] File with zero size when using squid proxy

From: Emmanuel Lesouef <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 14:06:18 +0200

Hi Hassan,

Le Thu, 13 May 2010 04:03:01 +0600,
Nyamul Hassan <> a écrit :

> Every iteration of stable release has some fixes for known problems,
> and might also inadvertently introduce a new problem, which has to be
> fixed after a bug report is done.
> That is why it is suggested to use the latest version, so that the
> developers can work on the latest code.  As you can understand, the
> latest code has the most developers involved.

Ok, I agree with that.

> Another test that you could do, is to copy the file to some http
> server that you control, and then try to access that file through the
> proxy.  Even if you do encounter a problem in this setup, you'll still
> have to try with the latest version.

When I copy the small file into another webserver that I control, if I
access it using the proxy, it's OK. Seems to be related to the
webserver that hosts the original file *and* the process of using the
squid proxy to get the file.

I don't really know how to investigate deeper.

I think I should try the latest squid available from debian backports
but it can't be today.

I'll let you informed of the tests. If you have any other advices, I
will be glad to hear :)

Thanks for your help.

> Regards

Emmanuel Lesouef
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