[squid-users] Blacklisted SSL site link (facebook) cause site being viewed to fail

From: James Robertson <j_at_mesrobertson.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2012 15:19:43 +1100

We have an ACL that includes facebook.com as a blocked site. Another
site that staff use for work is www.redbook.com.au, this site has
links all through it to facebook, twitter etc.

The problem is that when navigating www.redbook.com.au it tries to
connect to https://www.facebook.com but because it is blocked this
causes www.redbook.com.au to fail with an error such as in IE
"Internet Explorer cannot display the web page".

The process to repeat the issue is:

1. Head to http://www.redbook.com.au
2. Enter in a make, model and year to find a car for and hit search
3. Click on one of the results that it finds
4. Pick one of the sub-models (Version of the car ie VL, VS, things like that)
5. The next page is usually where it stops (it should provides details
for an individual car)

The log excerpt attached is from the proxy and I have marked when the
failure occurs.

If I allow facebook everything works fine. Is is possible to still
block facebook but stop it making redbook die?

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