Re: [squid-users] Newbie Help - Is this Possible?

From: Per Jessen <>
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 20:09:20 +0200

Aaron Wright wrote:

>> It would work, but you could run squid anywhere, you just need to
>> redirect the traffic accordingly.
> This is true, but I was hoping to insert squid transparently so that
> all computers and wireless devices, such as tablets and phones, would
> be forced to use it.

Right, that is exactly what I am proposing.

> In the future this is going to be for filtering and monitoring. I
> wanted something that couldn't be avoided easily; such as adjusting
> your proxy settings. I was just trying to get the simple case to work
> first.

The setup I proposed will reroute all port 80 traffic via <whatever box>
you want. You can amend that to reroute anything you want.

>> Also, which kernel/distro are you running?
> I'm trying to use Debian 6 right now. I'll probably upgrade to Debian
> 7 at some point.


> Could I hang squid off the LAN side of the router like all the other
> devices, and have the router some how enforce the proxy?

Quite likely, that is what my setup will do.

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