Re: [squid-users] What is a reasonable size for squid.conf?

From: Mike <>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2014 16:55:42 -0500

My squid.conf is 3380 bytes, and 99 total lines, with around 35 lines
blank or commented out. If you had been upgrading from any 3.1 or older
squid, they had a LOT of unnecessary lines in there for TAG related
entries and excess documentation of every little line.


On 6/27/2014 2:51 PM, Owen Crow wrote:
> I am running a non-caching reverse proxy using version 3.3.10.
> My squid.conf is currently clocking in 60k lines (not including
> comments or blank lines). Combined with the conf files in my conf.d
> directory, I have a total of 89k lines in configuration.
> I have definitely noticed "-k reconfigure" calls taking on the order
> of 20 seconds to run when it used to be less than a couple seconds.
> (Same results with "-k test").
> I've tried searching for anything related to max lines and similar,
> but it usually talks about squid.conf configuration options and not
> the file itself.
> If this is not documented per se, are there any anecdotal examples
> that have this many lines or more? I only see this growing over time.
> Thanks,
> Owen
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