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#include "squid.h"
#include "auth/basic/SSPI/valid.h"
#include "util.h"
#include <cwchar>
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static int Valid_Group (char *UserName, char *Group)
int Valid_User (char *UserName, char *Password, char *)


char Default_NTDomain [DNLEN+1] = NTV_DEFAULT_DOMAIN
const char * errormsg
const char NTV_SERVER_ERROR_MSG [] = "Internal server error"
const char NTV_GROUP_ERROR_MSG [] = "User not allowed to use this cache"
const char NTV_LOGON_ERROR_MSG [] = "No such user or wrong password"
const char NTV_VALID_DOMAIN_SEPARATOR [] = "\\/"

Function Documentation

◆ Valid_Group()

static int Valid_Group ( char *  UserName,
char *  Group 

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References FALSE, NULL, and TRUE.

Referenced by Valid_User().

◆ Valid_User()

int Valid_User ( char *  UserName,
char *  Password,
char *  Group 

Valid_User return codes.

Return values
0User authenticated successfully.
1Server error.
2Group membership error.
3Logon error; Incorrect password or username given.

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References debug(), Default_NTDomain, errormsg, NTAllowedGroup, NTDisAllowedGroup, NTV_DEFAULT_DOMAIN, NTV_GROUP_ERROR, NTV_GROUP_ERROR_MSG, NTV_LOGON_ERROR, NTV_LOGON_ERROR_MSG, NTV_NO_ERROR, NTV_SERVER_ERROR, NTV_SERVER_ERROR_MSG, NTV_VALID_DOMAIN_SEPARATOR, NULL, SSP_LogonUser(), UseAllowedGroup, UseDisallowedGroup, Valid_Group(), and xstrncpy().

Variable Documentation

◆ Default_NTDomain

char Default_NTDomain[DNLEN+1] = NTV_DEFAULT_DOMAIN

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Referenced by process_options(), and Valid_User().

◆ errormsg

const char* errormsg

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Referenced by main(), and Valid_User().


const char NTV_GROUP_ERROR_MSG[] = "User not allowed to use this cache"

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Referenced by Valid_User().


const char NTV_LOGON_ERROR_MSG[] = "No such user or wrong password"

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Referenced by Valid_User().


const char NTV_SERVER_ERROR_MSG[] = "Internal server error"

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Referenced by Valid_User().


const char NTV_VALID_DOMAIN_SEPARATOR[] = "\\/"

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Referenced by Valid_User().






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