#include <HttpStatus.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACLHTTPStatus (char const *)
 ACLHTTPStatus (ACLHTTPStatus const &)
 ~ACLHTTPStatus ()
ACLHTTPStatusoperator= (ACLHTTPStatus const &)
virtual ACLclone () const
virtual char const * typeString () const
virtual void parse ()
 parses node representation in squid.conf; dies on failures More...
virtual int match (ACLChecklist *checklist)
 Matches the actual data in checklist against this ACL. More...
virtual SBufList dump () const
virtual bool empty () const
virtual bool requiresReply () const
 whether our (i.e. shallow) match() requires checklist to have a reply More...
void * operator new (size_t)
void operator delete (void *)
void context (const char *name, const char *configuration)
 sets user-specified ACL name and squid.conf context More...
bool matches (ACLChecklist *checklist) const
virtual const Acl::Optionsoptions ()
virtual void parseFlags ()
 configures ACL options, throwing on configuration errors More...
virtual bool isProxyAuth () const
virtual bool valid () const
int cacheMatchAcl (dlink_list *cache, ACLChecklist *)
virtual int matchForCache (ACLChecklist *checklist)
virtual void prepareForUse ()
SBufList dumpOptions ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void ParseAclLine (ConfigParser &parser, ACL **head)
static void Initialize ()
static ACLFindByName (const char *name)

Public Attributes

char name [ACL_NAME_SZ]
char * cfgline
bool registered
 added to the global list of ACLs via aclRegister() More...

Protected Attributes

Splay< acl_httpstatus_data * > * data
char const * class_

Private Member Functions

virtual bool requiresAle () const
 whether our (i.e. shallow) match() requires checklist to have a AccessLogEntry More...
virtual bool requiresRequest () const
 whether our (i.e. shallow) match() requires checklist to have a request More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file HttpStatus.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ACLHTTPStatus() [1/2]

ACLHTTPStatus::ACLHTTPStatus ( char const *  theClass)

Definition at line 65 of file HttpStatus.cc.

Referenced by clone().

◆ ACLHTTPStatus() [2/2]

ACLHTTPStatus::ACLHTTPStatus ( ACLHTTPStatus const &  old)

Definition at line 68 of file HttpStatus.cc.

References assert, and data.

◆ ~ACLHTTPStatus()

ACLHTTPStatus::~ACLHTTPStatus ( )

Definition at line 74 of file HttpStatus.cc.

References data, and Splay< V >::destroy().

Member Function Documentation

◆ cacheMatchAcl()

◆ clone()

ACL * ACLHTTPStatus::clone ( ) const

Definition at line 60 of file HttpStatus.cc.

References ACLHTTPStatus().

◆ context()

void ACL::context ( const char *  name,
const char *  configuration 

◆ dump()

SBufList ACLHTTPStatus::dump ( ) const

Implements ACL.

Definition at line 164 of file HttpStatus.cc.

References HttpStatusAclDumpVisitor::contents, data, and Splay< V >::visit().

◆ dumpOptions()

SBufList ACL::dumpOptions ( )
approximate options configuration

Definition at line 299 of file Acl.cc.

References SBufStream::buf(), SBuf::isEmpty(), and ACL::options().

Referenced by dump_acl().

◆ empty()

bool ACLHTTPStatus::empty ( ) const

Implements ACL.

Definition at line 89 of file HttpStatus.cc.

References data, and Splay< V >::empty().

◆ FindByName()

ACL * ACL::FindByName ( const char *  name)

◆ Initialize()

void ACL::Initialize ( )

Definition at line 407 of file Acl.cc.

References SquidConfig::aclList, Config, debugs, ACL::next, and ACL::prepareForUse().

Referenced by serverConnectionsOpen().

◆ isProxyAuth()

bool ACL::isProxyAuth ( ) const

Reimplemented in ACLIdent, ACLExternal, and ACLProxyAuth.

Definition at line 286 of file Acl.cc.

Referenced by aclIsProxyAuth().

◆ match()

int ACLHTTPStatus::match ( ACLChecklist checklist)

Implements ACL.

Definition at line 129 of file HttpStatus.cc.

References aclMatchHTTPStatus(), data, and Filled().

◆ matches()

bool ACL::matches ( ACLChecklist checklist) const

Orchestrates matching checklist against the ACL using match(), after checking preconditions and while providing debugging.

true if and only if there was a successful match. Updates the checklist state on match, async, and failure.

Definition at line 121 of file Acl.cc.

References AclMatchedName, ACLChecklist::asyncInProgress(), DBG_IMPORTANT, debugs, ACLChecklist::hasAle(), ACLChecklist::hasReply(), ACLChecklist::hasRequest(), ACL::match(), ACL::name, PROF_start, PROF_stop, ACL::requiresAle(), ACL::requiresReply(), ACL::requiresRequest(), and ACLChecklist::verifyAle().

Referenced by ACLChecklist::matchAndFinish(), and ACLChecklist::matchChild().

◆ matchForCache()

int ACL::matchForCache ( ACLChecklist checklist)

Reimplemented in ACLProxyAuth.

Definition at line 318 of file Acl.cc.

References fatal().

Referenced by ACL::cacheMatchAcl().



◆ operator delete()

void ACL::operator delete ( void *  )

Definition at line 87 of file Acl.cc.

References fatal().

◆ operator new()

void * ACL::operator new ( size_t  )

Definition at line 80 of file Acl.cc.

References fatal().

◆ operator=()

ACLHTTPStatus& ACLHTTPStatus::operator= ( ACLHTTPStatus const &  )

◆ options()

virtual const Acl::Options& ACL::options ( )
(linked) Options supported by this ACL

Reimplemented in ACLMaxUserIP, ACLStrategised< M >, and ACLDestinationIP.

Definition at line 63 of file Acl.h.

References Acl::NoOptions().

Referenced by ACL::dumpOptions(), and ACL::parseFlags().

◆ parse()

void ACLHTTPStatus::parse ( )

Implements ACL.

Definition at line 111 of file HttpStatus.cc.

References aclParseHTTPStatusList(), and data.

◆ ParseAclLine()

◆ parseFlags()

void ACL::parseFlags ( )

Reimplemented in ACLIdent, ACLProxyAuth, ACLStrategised< M >, and ACLExtUser.

Definition at line 292 of file Acl.cc.

References Acl::NoFlags(), ACL::options(), and Acl::ParseFlags().

◆ prepareForUse()

virtual void ACL::prepareForUse ( )

Reimplemented in ACLStrategised< M >, ACLMaxConnection, and Acl::InnerNode.

Definition at line 79 of file Acl.h.

Referenced by ACL::Initialize().

◆ requiresAle()

bool ACL::requiresAle ( ) const

Reimplemented in ACLExternal.

Definition at line 378 of file Acl.cc.

Referenced by ACL::matches().

◆ requiresReply()

virtual bool ACLHTTPStatus::requiresReply ( ) const

Reimplemented from ACL.

Definition at line 43 of file HttpStatus.h.

◆ requiresRequest()

bool ACL::requiresRequest ( ) const

Reimplemented in ACLExternal, ACLProxyAuth, ACLMaxUserIP, Acl::TransactionInitiator, and ACLStrategised< M >.

Definition at line 390 of file Acl.cc.

Referenced by ACL::matches().

◆ typeString()

char const * ACLHTTPStatus::typeString ( ) const

Implements ACL.

Definition at line 83 of file HttpStatus.cc.

References class_.

◆ valid()

bool ACL::valid ( ) const

Reimplemented in ACLExternal, ACLProxyAuth, ACLMaxUserIP, ACLStrategised< M >, ACLRandom, and ACLMaxConnection.

Definition at line 115 of file Acl.cc.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cfgline

char* ACL::cfgline

Definition at line 84 of file Acl.h.

Referenced by ACL::~ACL(), ACL::context(), and Acl::AllOf::parse().

◆ class_

char const* ACLHTTPStatus::class_

Definition at line 47 of file HttpStatus.h.

Referenced by typeString().

◆ data

Splay<acl_httpstatus_data*>* ACLHTTPStatus::data

Definition at line 46 of file HttpStatus.h.

Referenced by ACLHTTPStatus(), ~ACLHTTPStatus(), dump(), empty(), match(), and parse().

◆ name

◆ next

ACL* ACL::next

Definition at line 85 of file Acl.h.

Referenced by dump_acl(), ACL::FindByName(), and ACL::Initialize().

◆ registered

bool ACL::registered

Definition at line 86 of file Acl.h.

Referenced by aclDeregister(), aclDestroyAcls(), and aclRegister().

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