DebugMessageHeader Class Reference

meta-information of a Finish()ed debugs() message More...

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Public Member Functions

 DebugMessageHeader (const DebugRecordCount aRecordNumber, const Debug::Context &)

Public Attributes

DebugRecordCount recordNumber
 LogMessage() calls before this message. More...
struct timeval timestamp
 approximate debugs() call time More...
int section
 debugs() section More...
int level
 debugs() level More...
bool forceAlert
 debugs() forceAlert flag More...

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DebugMessageHeader()

DebugMessageHeader::DebugMessageHeader ( const DebugRecordCount  aRecordNumber,
const Debug::Context context 

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References current_time, getCurrentTime(), and timestamp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ forceAlert

bool DebugMessageHeader::forceAlert

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Referenced by SyslogChannel::shouldWrite().

◆ level

◆ recordNumber

DebugRecordCount DebugMessageHeader::recordNumber

◆ section

int DebugMessageHeader::section

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Referenced by Debug::Enabled(), and DebugChannel::Logger::operator=().

◆ timestamp

struct timeval DebugMessageHeader::timestamp

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Referenced by DebugMessageHeader(), and DebugChannel::writeToStream().

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