HappyConnOpener::Attempt Class Reference

a connection opening attempt in progress (or falsy) More...

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Public Types

using CallbackMethod = void(HappyConnOpener::*)(const CommConnectCbParams &)
 HappyConnOpener method implementing a ConnOpener callback. More...

Public Member Functions

 Attempt (const CallbackMethod method, const char *methodName)
 operator bool () const
void finish ()
 reacts to a natural attempt completion (successful or otherwise) More...
void cancel (const char *reason)
 aborts an in-progress attempt More...

Public Attributes

PeerConnectionPointer path
 the destination we are connecting to More...
JobWait< Comm::ConnOpenerconnWait
 waits for a connection to the peer to be established/opened More...
const CallbackMethod callbackMethod
 ConnOpener calls this method. More...
const char *const callbackMethodName
 for callbackMethod debugging More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 138 of file HappyConnOpener.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ CallbackMethod

using HappyConnOpener::Attempt::CallbackMethod = void (HappyConnOpener::*)(const CommConnectCbParams &)

Definition at line 141 of file HappyConnOpener.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Attempt()

HappyConnOpener::Attempt::Attempt ( const CallbackMethod  method,
const char *  methodName 

Definition at line 905 of file HappyConnOpener.cc.

Member Function Documentation

◆ cancel()

void HappyConnOpener::Attempt::cancel ( const char *  reason)

Definition at line 919 of file HappyConnOpener.cc.

Referenced by HappyConnOpener::cancelAttempt().

◆ finish()

void HappyConnOpener::Attempt::finish ( )

Definition at line 912 of file HappyConnOpener.cc.

Referenced by HappyConnOpener::handleConnOpenerAnswer().

◆ operator bool()

HappyConnOpener::Attempt::operator bool ( ) const

Definition at line 145 of file HappyConnOpener.h.

References path.

Member Data Documentation

◆ callbackMethod

const CallbackMethod HappyConnOpener::Attempt::callbackMethod

Definition at line 158 of file HappyConnOpener.h.

Referenced by HappyConnOpener::openFreshConnection().

◆ callbackMethodName

const char* const HappyConnOpener::Attempt::callbackMethodName

Definition at line 159 of file HappyConnOpener.h.

Referenced by HappyConnOpener::openFreshConnection().

◆ connWait

JobWait<Comm::ConnOpener> HappyConnOpener::Attempt::connWait

◆ path

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